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2016 Referee.pl Camp and new logo

It is time to share with all Referee.pl friends some news in New Year. First of all, Kuba and the staff team would like to wish you all the best in this year, good decisions on the court and hoping to see you all at the camp!

We will all meet this year again probably more than once! The details are being discussed now, so soon you can expect full information about the dates and locations. 

Now we would like to share with you the new logo of Referee.pl 2016!

Stay tuned!


We are saying Goodbye

We are saying Goodbye to a good friend, referee, coach and instructor – Werner Blanke.

We are deeply saddened by the loss of our dear friend Werner. He will be truly missed.

People knew and liked him amongst others, because he was the first and only one who showed "yellow cards" in basketball instead of giving technical fouls.

Interview with Werner Blanke

A person that departs from this earth never truly leaves, for they are still alive in our hearts and minds, through us, they live on.

Aftercamp Videos - Set 1

Today we publish the first set of AFTER CAMP VIDEO CLIPS for your assessment. We would like to ask you to comment on each of these clips. This set includes three clips that can be found below. They are available also in the Camp Section 2015 AFTERCAMP VIDEOS - SET 1.

12th edition of REFEREE.PL summary - Antalya, TURKEY

Dear Campers,

It is more than a week after we finished this year’s camp in Turkey. As we know everybody arrived home safe. Some people stayed longer in Turkey, some of you are already officiating at summer tournaments and others went to back to work or for a change to proper vacations. I was wondering who remembers the things was talked during the camp in Antalya…

Session 2 LAST DAY of REFEREE.PL - You have a chance to officiate the best games in the world!

Last day of the second session arrived… Guys were very excited and went out of the frames and got creative. So instead of morning run campers went to the swimming pool to play water polo! Unfortunately there are no photos of this game as the paparazzo was sleeping :)

Session 2 Day 3 - It is not how much we try; it is about the result that comes!

Gym, run, pool – today people divided and did different morning activities. Majority still went to run, lead by Paulina and Tomek, who used the exercise from FIBA.  Day started with the sun, but later was raining; we didn't care anyway, because the games were ongoing and in case wanted people could use the indoor pool.

Session 2 Day 2, 18.06.2015 - Be accountable, honest and get the call right!

Guess what was the first thing the campers did in the morning… the 7 am run of course. They even started before I came down to make the picture; the group had run away :)

First day session 2, Wednesday - Goodbye and hello :)

Like in a FIBA tournament, today we had a day off. People from first session were leaving, so transfers to the airport and another session was coming. Goodbyes and hellos. Some people stayed and some came before, so all in all today was no games and people could use pools, gym or go to the city center or the other resort of the complex for the beach. With this beautiful weather this day was like real vacation.

Final Day 4 Session 1 - Speak to the ones who inspire you!

Now, the last day of the final session arrived…

As this is already a tradition here in the morning again the entire group did a 7.15 run. As we want to take the most of last day, no one is tired, no one complains, and so in this mood we have started the first lecture of the day at 8.30 by Carl Jungebrand. All the instructors’ team came for this lecture. Mentioning that Costas had no lecture today and still he was there, because he also wants to learn. Impressive. Carl was telling us some important things. As referees we are never attacking, we hold the position, so we must defend the position.  This is mental versus psychical challenge. When you walk there, nothing is going to happen that you don't control! You need to know it! – Carl Jungebrand.

Session 1 Day 3 – In a mood of “"We speak the same language in the court" - signals and mechanics

Today again we had an early wake up and the fitness session in the morning at 7.00, we have done a family picture, the first of the day! The temperature in the morning is very good to the outdoor activities; some people instead of run went to the pool.

Day 2 Session 1 - Next generation of referees will be always better than previous one! - Carl Jungebrand

As recommended by Kuba 7.15 the group was running today as a fresh start of the day, having some stretching, lead by Veronika and Sergey.  First important decisions we had to make today before going to the court was what to eat for breakfast, as this buffet in Gloria Hotel is honestly spoiling us heavily :)

So fed and happy we went to first session by Carl Jungebrand.

REFEREE.PL kick off session 1 in Antalya

More than 30 C degrees in Antalya, this is how the city welcomed today our campers for the 1st session of the International Basketball Referee’s Camp!

Expert group of REFEREE.PL fully announced!

In the past month we have announced the whole instructor’s team who will be coming to Antalya to work with you at the camp. Please see the list below.












Anibal Carrion



Almost 60 camp participants from 25 countries and 4 continents !

We have completed list of the camp participants for 2 sessions. We are almost 60 people from 25 countries and 4 continents.

This is impressive!We cannot wait to meet you all in Antalya and do some international, multicultural officiating on the highest level!!!

Closing the instructors list for this year - Kuba Zamojski

Camp cannot be executed without the main person who is bringing it all together… So the last one to announce and closing the list in the same time is Kuba Zamojski.

Games you will officiate at REFEREE.PL in 2015

Camp in Antalya starts in 3 days with its first session. Together with the camp at this very same sport complex of Hotel Gloria a great tournament will take place and you are going to officiate it!

For a week in June, the 1st ESBA Championship “Antalya 2015″  (http://esba-basket.com/antalya-2015/)  will transform Belek into the center of seniors basketball in Europe. Teams from nine different countries will take part in the competition. There are a total of 38 confirmed teams across 11 different age categories.

Longomatch - software at the camp in Antalya

We all like this software! Longomatch is very easy to use, intuitive and super useful to analyze your game. You can easily cut clips during watching the game video and come back to them whenever you need. The same software is being used by FIBA. This year especially for you will be possible to use the full version of Longomatcg pro for free during a month. Peter Strikwerda will train you on how to use the best the features of this program and Peter will be helping during the camp with the clips.

Precamp Videos - Set 3

Yesterday Jose Anibal Carrion put his comments on each clip from SET 2. Check it !
Today we publish the third set of videoclips for your assessment. We would like to ask you to comment on each of these clips. This set includes eight clips that can be found below. They are available also in the Camp Section 2015 PRECAMP VIDEOS - SET 3.

Marta Seweryn - the only women in REFEREE.PL staff

Some of you may know me, as maybe we met already at some basketball event, and surely we did at Kuba’s camp, as I was there from the beginning when it all started in 2004.

Communication equipment from company Blucom again at the REFEREE.PL camp

Next week in Antalya for the 12th year in a row we will have the international referee camp for basketball officials REFEREE.PL. We have 55 referees from many countries and also different continents. During this camp we want to learn, prepare for the new season and get better. Therefore we will have also a group of great instructors, who are available to help us.

Set 1 of Precamp Videos - answers of remote instructor

Dear Camper/Participants

Our remote instructor, Jose Anibal Carrion, put his coments to each of videoclip from our SET 1. The comments are available after loggin below each of videoclip.


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Antalya 2015