2013 REFEREE.PL Camp News

CAMP DAY 2 – When mechanics meets the criteria it is the success!

Today Romas has started the "good morning" lecture at 8.30. We have reviewed the list of things that we need to prepare for the game: scout your partners, remember that the primary field of judgment is the most important, support the newcomers and respect senior refs. The crew chief role is very important – he must set the tempo of the game, but for a pre-game conference all 3 referees shall be involved. Romas also showed us closer the difference and value of official and personal warning.  Second lecture Romas continued with the clips where we could see the lead/center/trial decisions and their areas of responsibility.
The schedule for today was made by Kuba in a way referees do in USA at the summer camps. So all the day we had some lectures or trainings and simultaneously with it there were 7 games going on 3 courts, each with instructor support.
In the meantime in the lecture room Peter made a class for us to practice the team work. It was great spent hour on playing games to know each other better and built the trust. We were having fun and also learned how to use the mind properly (Peter demonstrated us the equipment that can measure your level of focus, so you can practice it easily). Also Mr Strikwerda showed us some exercises to relax muscles and how to prepare to the movement.
In the same time on one of the courts Kuba, Piotr and Wojtek made a practical class of 3 person mechanic for beginners and also people could attend, who does not feel too confident yet in the mechanic.
After lunch it came time for Costas presentation about tactical and unsportsmanlike foul. Costas shared with us what coaches and players think about it and what criteria are given by the Euroleague. So what we will definitely remember from the clips is that we as a referees have to clean the game and if needed, support our partner with the UF foul. We need to keep the consistency in judging the action, not the intention.
For the first time Lahdo Sharro had a session at referee.pl camp. So Lahdo asked us very important questions: what does it mean to be a referee, why I am here, what I want, how much we can improve at the camp? We had clip session also to show body language importance. As Lahdo said: It can help us but will not always save us. 
Late afternoon lecture was conducted by Sasa. We were watching very interesting clips based on the latest Olympic games. There were difficult situations, we discussed how to managed them well. 
As last point of the day we got the feedback from the whole day from all the instructors based on what they have seen while watching the games. I can punch-line the day with the Costas sentence: when the mechanics meets the criteria it is the biggest success!


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