2013 REFEREE.PL Camp News

CAMP DAY 3 - Referees run the show, not make the show.

Friday, the middle day of the camp. Today we had 8 games in 3 different courts and 5 lectures plus feedback of the day. Lot of work for the referees, all day is organized the way to keep everybody busy most of the time. But also you can decide if you want to attend the lecture or not, because also sometimes when there is a lecture somebody has a game. There was not a single camper who decide that he is too tired for the lecture, which made very happy all the instructors, specially Costas who add extra topic on top o his primary lecture just because one participant have asked for it. 

Today was a last day of Romas with us, as he had to leave to his other duties, but made us remember it. Starting from his morning lecture about game management. We talked about how to control the game and solve conflicts. Also very important topics like crew management. That our performance should be proactive and in tune with the game. There is no space for individual decisions outside the context of the game. He advised us that the best way to manage conflicts is how we approach solving it. We need to accept our responsibility. To summarize it, Romas said: Referees run the show, not make the show. Also Romas had an afternoon session of lecture, where we were watching clips, again about unsportsmanlike foul, which is not the “hot” topic, as Euroleague gave new interpretations for calling it for the next season, so instructors want everybody to understand well in which spirit now we will go with the calls. 

Also today Kuba had his session with the referees about the clips that are on the website and are available after you log in, so all people made some comments and this gave us field for discussion on the actions. Kuba also showed us how we need to think when we are solving some foul situations, which was not that obvious for everybody. 

As people were divided for 2 groups and yesterday one had practicing class with Peter Strikwerda, the other had it today. Again a lot of fun, working in teams, doing exercises. This class is very important, it is teaching us to trust your partners, because if not, more often without mutual trust you can all fail.

Costas was talking today about pick and roll. We were watching clips on how to set a proper screen, what are the criteria, how should we look on it and tricks that players do to cheat us. As somebody from the room asked for a clips on post play ad Costas said he never leaves any question unanswered, we continued the clips on the post play subject. Kuba and Sasa, who just last week were with Costas at the Euroleague camp for Crew Chiefs, were saying that he does not speak that much even to Euroleague referees!!

Today was the first day of the Bielsko-Biała tournament in which we have the top polish league teams, like Turow Zgorzelec, who were vice champion of polish league last season, so the games were really on top level, and the best we ever had for campers to officiate at the referees camp. They were difficult, lot of not easy situations, extremely good to learn, there was pressure and teams were playing very hard.

As usual at the end of the day we got the feedback, which was very positive. So in short saying the advices for tomorrow are: whenever you start to think about the rotation, do it, it is better to do 3 rotations in 24 second period than none; Sasa remind us how to give warnings, very detailed thing Costas said, that we very rare think about: do not stop the time for the player who want to tie his shoe and never touch the coach!! Something that makes us think about our behavior during the game.  Also very important thing that as a crew chief you have to know what to tell your partner when is closed himself up after the bad call.



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