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Campers List 2012

Just right now we've published list of the Campers for Referee's Camp 2012. You can see it at the section Campers List 2012

There is a few free places, so feel free to aplicate to our camp.

Expect important information very soon!

Referee’s Camp 2012 Campers List

  1. Pierr-Yves De Soete, Belgium
  2. Jędrek Oberkiewicz, Poland
  3. Diamantis Lortos, Greece
  4. Lukas Fröhlich, Germany
  5. Krzysztof Karwowski, Poland
  6. Tom Muller, Luxembourg
  7. Pin-Yu Chen, Taiwan, R.O.C.(Chinese Taipei)
  8. Vladimir Alexeev, Russia
  9. Yaroslav Oreshin, Russia
  10. Artem Ivanov, Russia
  11. Riannan De La Torre, Australia
  12. Mihkel Männiste, Estonia
  13. Paulo Rocha Martins, Portugal
  14. Vladimir Karnay, Slovakia
  15. Chih-Hsin Hsiao, Taiwan, R.O.C.(Chinese Taipei)
  16. Mateusz Ordyk, Poland
  17. Weson Chang, Taiwan, R.O.C.(Chinese Taipei)
  18. Szymon Modestowicz, Poland
  19. Boris Krejić, Slovenia
  20. Kristian Sirp, Estonina
  21. Wojciech Liszka, Poland
  22. Kazuki Shirakawa, Japan
  23. Satoshi Abe, Japan
  24. Alexander Dotsenko, Ukraine
  25. Tiberiu Lucaciu, Austria/Romania
  26. Paweł Berdyczko, Poland
  27. Sybren Bosch, Netherlands
  28. Aleksei Mohov, Estonia
  29. Juris Bruveris, Latvia
  30. Madis Allik, Estonia
  31. Mihkel Mereküla, Estonia
  32. Margus Napp, Estonia


  1. Priit Pärnala

EMW Camp 2012 Invitation

Dear Friends,

As every year, since 2004, we have tried to organize the best possible camp for basketball referees.

On the side of the very good group of instructors we always try to have as good games as possible to teach referees their job on the court.

This year, with 9th edition of our Basketball Referee’s Camp, we are going back to Estonia.

The Camp 2012 will take place in Tallinn, the capital of Estonia. We plan to start the camp on August 29th at 2:30p.m and finish on September 2nd at 6 p.m.

The exact time schedule is going to be confirmed later.


Website attacked by virus

Dear Users/Campers!

We are sorry but our website was attacked by virus.
This is why right now you can only see part of our sources.
Very soon we will upload our website again in full version.

This should come next days. Also that time we will upload all information about next camp which will take place at the end of August 2012 in Tallinn (Estonia).

We are very sorry for any inconveniences.


New pictures gallery from Tallin

Dear friends, we just published photos from our latest referee's camp on the website. You can find them in GALLERIES.

Sponsors - big part of success

This years camp in Estonia was a success, everything went well due to organizing part, games, lectures and infrastructure. A big part of the success was our sponsors, who we would like to thank from that place and declare our gratitude for being with us during this year.

You can read more about each of our sponsor by going directly to their web pages by clicking the logo on the right side on referee.pl

Tallinn - last day

On Sunday, the last day of the camp, we had two last lectures, that due to last night party, went very well and campers were listening with full attention. :)

On that day we talked a lot about how to achieve the aims you set up for yourself as a referee. Sasa was telling to campers about his life as referee, how it is to officiate at the same time Euroleague games, FIBA games, Adriatic league games and domestic Slovenian matches.

CAMP Day 4

On Saturday was raining from early morning, that is why we needed to cancel the jogging, but the rain did not stop us from heaving a great lecture done by Peter Strikwerda according to the plan, and then we moved to the gym where we continued with the games.

Before the games started we made a family photo with the players. Again this afternoon matches were very fast and good level, so accurate for instructors to watch the campers and their "action" in the court.

CAMP Day 3

It was a long day ... but we manage to work very well.

Again we started with Fiba jogging at 8.00, then Sasa Pukl gave very interesting lecture, and then we moved into the gym for games. Very good level of games gave the possibility for campers to show their abilities on the court and also improve their performance.

2nd day of the Referees Camp

After the first day of introduction and lectures, everybody already know each other, we could start what referees were waiting for - games. All games from the morning had very good level and were great to use for a camp purposes. All our camp participants are really performing good with the high engagement.

Day second started at 8.00 with Fiba style jogging, then we had Carl Jungebrand lecture, then we continued with games and by 23.00 when we finished with feedback together the tiring, but good day, was gone.

Waiting for day 3.

Camp in Tallinn had just started - 1st day

Today we have started the first day of the Referees Camp in Tallinn. Hurray!

Some people arrived already yesterday evening, while the rest came today in the morning. The registration started from 11.30, and after we confirmed our list and deliver the equipment everybody gathered for the welcome speeches of our instructing team.

Estonian Media Delfi Sport Speaking about Our Camp

"Juuli viimasel nädalal viib koostöös Eesti korvpallikohtunike koguga Viimsis kõrgetasemelise koolituslaagri läbi kauaaegne Euroliiga vilemees, poolakas Jakub Zamojski." - Estonian Media Delfi Sport Speaking about Our Camp.

The 8th edition of EMW Camp

Dear Friends,

Every year, since 2004, we try to organize the best possible camp for basketball referees. Our interest is to always have very good games with the greatest instructing support, accompanied by comfortable facilities in attractive place. This year we are going to have 8th edition of our Basketball Referee’s Camp, but for the first time we go out of Poland. This year’s camp will take place in Tallinn, the capital of Estonia. We plan to start the camp on July 27th around 14:30 and finish on July 31th about 13:00.

Referee’s Camp 2011 Schedule


11.30 – 13.30 Registration at the hotel

14.00 - 14.15 Welcome speeches


14.15 – 15.00 Lecture 1 Valdu Suurkask

15.15 – 16.00 Lecture 2 Peter Strikwerda

16.15 – 17.00 Lecture 3 Carl Jungebrand



Petri Mäntylä, KubaZamojski

18.30 – 19.15 “3 MAN MECHANIC ON THE COURT”

Carl Jungebrand, Sasa Pukl

….Dinner… 19.30-20.30

20.30 – 21.30 COACH Lecture – to be confirmed

…. social live…..TALLINN




8.00-8.30 FIBA style jogging

…..Breakfast…. 8.30 -9.30

9.45 – 10.45 Lecture 4 (What do we expect on the court)

Carl Jungebrand

11.00 – 18.00 CAMP GAMES

12.45 – 14.15 (LUNCH TIME)

18.30 – 19.00 Feedback of the day

19.00 – 20.15 (DINNER TIME)

20.45 – 22:15 CAMP GAME

…. social live…..



8.00-8.30 FIBA style jogging

…..Breakfast…. 8.30 -9.30

9.45 – 10.45 Lecture 5 Sasa Pukl

11.00 – 20.30 CAMP GAMES

12.45 – 14.15 (LUNCH TIME)

19.00 – 20.15 (DINNER TIME)

20.45 – 21.15 Feedback of the day


…. social live…..


8.00-8.30 FIBA style jogging

…..Breakfast…. 8.30 -9.30

9.45 – 10.45 Lecture 6 Peter Strikwerda

11.00 – 17.00 CAMP GAMES

12.45 – 14.15 (LUNCH TIME)

17.15 – 18.30 Lecture 7

18.45 – 20.00 (DINNER TIME)

19.30 – 22.00 CAMP GAMES

22.15 – 22.30 Feedback of the day


…. social live…..


8.00-8.30 FIBA style jogging

…..Breakfast…. 8.30 -9.30

9.45 – 10.45 Lecture 8 Peter Strikwerda

11.00 – 11.45 Lecture 9 Sasa Pukl

12.00 – 12.15 Feedback of the CAMP KubaZamojski



...Departure or visiting Tallinn...

Referee’s Camp 2011 Instructors


Born: 1964, Helsinki
Referee since 1978 (National)
National League 1984
FIBA licence 1986
more than 1200 international games (1986-)

Olympics 1988 (Seoul), 1996 (Atlanta), 2000 (Sydney) , 2008 (Beiging)*
World Championships for men 1990 (Agrentina), 1994 (Canada), 2006 (Japan)*, for women 2002 (China)

European Championship for Men 1989 (Yugoslavia)*, 1993 (Germany), 1995 (Greece), 1997 (Spain)*, 1999 (France), 2001 (Turkey)*

McDonalds Open 1989 (Rome), 1995* (London), 1999* (Milano)

Euroleague Final Four 1989 (Munich), 1990 (Zaragoza), 1995 (Zaragoza)*, 1997 (Rome)*, 1999 (Munich)*, 2000 (Thessaloniki), 2001 (Paris), 2005 (Moscow)*, 2006 (Prague)*, 2008 (Madrid)
* = Final

In 2007, Wloclawek, as an instructor at Referee's Camp.


Sasa Pukl born 25.10,1970, referee since 1987

- Passed Fiba clinic in 1995 in Rogaska Slatina (Slovenia)
- 2 Final four Euroleague (2007 Athens and 2009 Berlin)
- Final four Women Euroleague 1999 Brno

- World Championship 2006 Japan and 2010 Turkey
- European Championship 2005 Serbia/Montenegro and 2007 Spain
- World Championship young men 2001 Japan, 2005 Argentina and 2009 New Zealand
- FIBA Americas 2011 Argentina

In 2009 instructor at our camp.


  • started 1987 (while still playing)
  • fiba referee 1999
  • euroleague staff 2001

In 2005 and 2006 as an instructor during Referee's Camp in Poland

2011 - going to Eurobasket in Lithaunia


Player: 1957 Estonian youth selection, bronze medal in Soviet Union (SU) Youth Games

1958-1968 player of Estonian National Team

Silver medal in SU Games (Spartakiada) - 1967

Referee: 1970 - 1990 Referee at SU Championship games, 1976-1989 in top ten of SU referees

1975 - FIBA referee, 1980 PreOlympic Tournament for men in Switzerland.

1980 Olympic Games in Moscow - referee

1976-1991 European Championships, European CUP games - referee

Commissioner: 1991 FIBA Commissioner

1991-2009 Commissioner at three Olympic Games, World Championships, European Championships, European Cup games, Baltic League

Professional: 1977-2005 President of Estonian Basketball Referees, member of Board of Estonian Basketball Association

200-2010 President of FIBA Technical Commission, member of Board at FIBA Europe


Referee since 1989.
International referee since 1999.
From 2000 in Euroleague.
Refereeing EUROLEAGUE and EURO CUP games.

2003 - European Championship in Greece
2007 - World Championship U20 in Moscow
2008 – Euroleague Final Four in Berlin
2009 - World Championship U19 in New Zealand
2009 – European Championship in Poland
2010 – World Championship in Turkey

Kuba attended many camps and summer league in USA.
Since 2004, every year Kuba works as an instructor at EWM Camp. He was also twice invited to Japan as a lecturer.


Referee since 1979, refereed national divisions since 1990.

National referee educator on rules knowledge, mechanics, and mental aspects of officiating. Referee tutor for Western Region. Chairman Referee Committee Western Region since 2001.

Federation qualified educator for coach education. Assistant-coach/trainer The Netherlands national team U18 Men 2007/2008.

Manager Masterplan Officiating and project ‘Sportsmanship & Respect’ for The Netherlands Basketball Federation. Co-developer national qualification structure sport officials at The Netherlands Olympic Committee.

Master Sports Marketing and Communication, teacher Sportmarketing.


Referee’s Camp 2011 Campers List

1. Tom MULLER, Luxemburg

2. Ronno KONKS, Estonia

3. Kristian SIRP, Estonia

4. Mihkel MÄNNISTE, Estonia

5. John DAY, Scotland

6. Kunihiro TAKAJO, Japan

7. Julian STOLK, Netherlands

8. Patricia RUNGE, Netherlands

9. Arnoud VAN BOCHOVE, Netherlands

10. Mariann MIKLOSIK, Hungary/Scotland

11. Artem IVANOV, Russia

12. Vladimir ALEXEEV, Russia

13. Rain RANNAMETS,Estonia

14. Goran SLIVIC, Austria

15. Arthur KENTSCH, Germany

16. Gamauf WOLFGANG, Austria

17. Milutin JELENIC, Serbia

18. Jernej BOLKA, Slovenia

19. Gregor JARISCH, Austria

20. Raido ROOSTALU, Estonia

21. Madis ALLIK, Estonia

22. Vladimir KARNAY, Slovakia

23. Aleksei MOHOV, Estonia/Russia

Referee’s Camp 2011 Arena

Hotel and Arena are at the same complex of buildings.


Address: Sõpruse tee 9 Viimsi vald 74001 Harjumaa Estonia

Phone: +372 60 80 272

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Webpage: www.viimsihall.ee/index.php?page=3

MAP: www.viimsihall.ee/index.php?page=93

Referee’s Camp 2008 Arena

Games and lectures at the arena - 700 meters from hotel

  • hala1

Niepodległości street 4


Referee’s Camp 2008 Hotel

Accomodation and meals in

  • hotel1

Hotel Park**
ul. Świętokrzyska 107
tel. reception +48 52 35 55 373, +48 52 35 55 374, +48 52 35 55 375
tel/fax +48 52 35 55 372
bussines card


Referee’s Camp 2011 Hotel

Hotel and Gym are at the same complex of buildings.


Address: Sõpruse tee 9 Viimsi vald 74001 Harjumaa Estonia

Phone: +372 603 5900

Fax: +372 603 5901

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Webpage: www.hotellathena.ee



Referee’s Camp 2008 Campers List

Campers List

  1. Takahiro KAWABATA, JAP
  2. Kenichi KABA (FIBA), JAP
  3. Paulina SOBIESZUK, GER
  4. Tom MULLER, LUX
  5. Sebastian WELSCH, UKR
  7. Wojtek LISZKA, POL
  9. Arthur KENTSCH, GER
  10. Maciej BANACH, POL
  11. Madis ALLIK, EST
  13. Sabina IDZIK, POL
  14. Anthony A. SULIT (FIBA), FIL
  15. Sturla SAND, NOR
  16. Lucas DOUGHTY, AUS
  17. Petr HRUSA, CZE
  19. Veronika VAVROVA, CZE
  20. Jędrzej OBERKIEWICZ, POL
  21. Przemysław LIPKA, POL
  22. Gintaras VITKAUSKAS, LTH
  25. Grzegorz SZEREMETA, POL
  26. Tuomo T. TILLI, FIN
  27. Arnauld KOM NJILO, CMR
  28. Waldemar KUSZA, POL
  29. Hjalmar STOETE, NED
  30. Agnieszka DUDEK, POL
  31. Tommi TUOMAALA, FIN
  32. Gavin WILLIAMS, GBR
  33. Stanislav KUCERA, CZE

Observers list

  1. Peter Strikwerda, NED
  2. Tomas Jasevicius, LTH


Jakub Zamojski

Mobile: +48601736920
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Marta Seweryn

Mobile: +36304984354
Email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Technical and Website Support 
Pawel Berdyczko

Mobile: +48883321499
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