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Meet the campers - Jimmy from Taiwan

Hi again. I like to see that our new action with introducing the referees coming to the camp is very popular, especially on Social Media, so we happily continue to present to you profile of referees from all over the world who sign in to come to Antalya. Next is Jimmy (Chuang Chih-Chun) from Taiwan.

Unique Choice to Develop Your Referee Mindset - 3 weeks free for camp participants!

Have you met a referee with perfect knowledge of the rules, extremely well decisions on video clip situations, excellent mechanics and still no real success as a referee? Have you been thinking about how this it possible?


As per your request, please note following for those who needs to get a visa for entering our country Turkey.

First of all go to www.evisa.gov.tr official Turkish Goverment e-visa system website.
Fill up the proper form of e-visa applications
Mainly after checking the relevant application details, from capital of our country, foreign minister office will be
reverting the e-visa to be valid on the arrival to the airport for the passport controlling.

If you need any further info, pls do not hesitate to contact me furtherly: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Meet the campers - team from Qatar

For the first time ever at the camp will host 3 referees from Qatar! We took the advantage that good friend of the camp – Petr Sudek is working as a Referees Technical Expert in Qatar and was very kind in sharing some info about our new friends. Check yourself. :)

So there are 3 new faces for the Referee.pl from Qatar.

Meet the campers - Edgar from France

My name is Edgard Ceccarelli, I am 22 years old. I'm studying for Brand-Marketing Manager at Red Bull, I have a master degree in Sport Marketing. I love basketball, travels and laugh with my friends. I'm smiling guy and I am passionate by the different cultures, which exist in this world. 

Meet the campers - Daniel Adeyemi from Russia

As we continue to present you the people who will come to our camp in June. Next one will be a referee from Russia – Daniel Adeyemi. Go and meet Daniel.

Meet the campers - Lei Si Man from Macau

Another referee from quite a distance, who is coming to Antalya. We are happy to introduce Lei Si Man from Macau.

Few words from Macau

Meet the campers - Stephen Yuen from Hong Kong

As this year for the camp plenty of things are happening for the first time, I would like to start an introduction of some camp participants before the camp. This year is fantastic, we have many people on the lists and some campers attending from very far away. We thought it would be nice for the wider audience to get to know them. And all of you can get to know better in Antalya.

Refereemindset.pl and referee.pl together for basketball referees

Our camp is taking place from 12 years already and the website exists same long. We are for you trying to help to develop your officiating. In the meantime we have got in touch with another website, which exists for the very same purpose, just serving different services. I would like to introduce the supporters of referee.pl to the very interesting initiative - which is done by FIBA referee – Peter Papp from Hungary – Referee Mindset (refereemindset.com). We think the cooperation will leverage our both possibilities to reach you and keep the right pace of information since we complete each other. Everything to help increase level of officiating.

Referee.pl Camp 2015 Campers List


Main List

No Photo Name Surename Country
1 Marli Kasemi Albania
2 Paulo Mina Portugal
3 Alexandra Belkner Germany
4 Veronika Vavrova Czech Republic
5 Arnoud Bochove The Netherlands
6 Paulo Martins Portugal
7 Daniel Oliveira Portugal
8 Andris Akmentins Latvia
9 Tomasz Konopacki Poland
10 PinYu Chen Taiwan/United of Kingdom
11 Shufei Hsieh Taiwan
12 Khalid Al-Hebabi Qatar
13 Abdulrahman Al-Subaey Qatar
14 Mário Ferreira Portugal/Germany
15 Krzysztof Puchałka Poland
16 Christoph Baumann Austria
17 Hoj Fozi United of Kingdom
18 Selcan Rowles United of Kingdom
19 Dimitrios Athanasopoulos Greece
20 Rene Brandstötter Austria
21 Daniel Adeyemi Russia
22 Hüseyin Kara Turkey
23 Keita Eto Canada
24 Sergey Mikhaylov Russia
25 Murat Amaç Turkey


Main List

No Photo Name Surename Country
1 Tomasz Langowski Poland
2 Pawel Berdyczko Poland
3 Tom Muller Luxembourg
4 Bartosz Koralewski Poland
5 Ewa Matuszewska Poland
6 Tiberiu Lucaciu Romania/Austria
7 Marcin Kostrzyński Poland/United of Kingdom
8 Jacek Dolski Poland
9 Ji Hu China
10 Si man Lei Macau
11 Chih-Chun Chuang Taiwan
12 Chun Yip Yuen Hong Kong
13 Kamil Karafiat Czech Republic
14 Paulina Gajdosz Poland
15 Julian Stolk The Netherlands
16 Maciej Dębowski Poland
17 Goran Grbić Slovenija
18 Peter Blahout Czech Republic
19 Nikolas Magounis Greece
20 Viktor Nagy Hungary
21 Bartosz Puzoń Poland
22 Egemen Ercan Turkey
23 Mehmet Sahin Turkey
24 Chuen Wing Leong Singapore
25 Kerem Baki Turkey
26 Mohammed Rajabi Ozoodi Iran
27 Lynda Cassidy Ireland
28 Gytis Vilius Lithuania
29 Batuhan Söylemezoğlu Turkey

REFEREE.PL Camp 2015 - Invitation


Antalya, 13-21 June 2015

Dear Friends,

We are very happy to announce the 12th edition of REFEREE.PL camp for basketball officials.

We have prepared a great surprise for you this year, the location of the camp is extraordinary! We are inviting you to the top class hotel located at the sea side in the beautiful Turkish city with basketball traditions – Antalya. Camp has never taken place in such a touristic location, but this is not all, we also propose new version of the camp!

REFEREE.PL 2015 camp will have two sessions, as we have a great level tournament that is lasting for two camps!

Referee’s Camp 2015 Arena

Game of the Camp will be played in GLORIA SPORTS ARENA

  • arena

phone: 90 242 710 50 00(pbx)
fax: +90 242 710 50 10
email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Gloria Sports Arena is situated in Belek-Antalya-Turkey and is 30 minutes away from Antalya International Airport.

Gloria Sports Arena is connected with Gloria Hotels & Resorts (Gloria Golf Resort, Gloria Verde Resort, Gloria Serenity Resort) in 5 km distance. (Free shuttle connection)

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DAY 4 – Anytime you are on the referee journey, be sure you grab someone else hand and help them out - George Toliver

Sunday, last day of the camp… Still plenty of things to do. Very important thing is we made the family picture. Soon those pictures will create nice story as we just finalizing the 11th edition of the REFEREE.PL.

DAY 3 – Show respect to gain respect!

Wow, time is flying, today is already third day of the camp. Only two days behind us and people are already tired, as the schedule is pretty tight. If you do not officiate there are classes in the room, so no time to be bored.
Today some campers went to run again, some went to the swimming pool and sauna, anyhow to start the day with some exercise.

Communication equipment from company Blucom at the REFEREE.PL camp

The international referee camp for basketball officials is ongoing now in Walbrzych. We have 38 referees from many countries and also different continent. During this camp we want to learn, prepare for the new season and get better. Therefore we have here also a group of great instructors, who are available to help us.

The moment you put the referee T-shirt on you are a referee for all your life! - Day 2

Today the day has started very early for the referees, as 7.15 they went for jogging lead by Bartek Puzon.  Seems like it was very refreshing as some of them wanted to run even more, but the first lecture was at 9.00.

The 11th edition of REFEREE.PL it is on!

Hi all. It is Marta here. For the first time in Walbrzych and for the eleventh year in a row I am pleased to be a part of the REFEREE.PL camp organized by Kuba Zamojski. And I am happy to share with you the summary of the day seen by the eyes of an inside person. We will be giving you some news every day, so you could be a part of the event in a way or in case of participants have the nice diary for the memory of the camp :)

Precamp Videos - Set 3

Today we publish the third set. This series includes six clips that can be found below. They are available also in the Camp Section 2014 PRECAMP VIDEOS - SET 3 .

Precamp Videos - Set 2

Today we publish the second set. This series includes five clips that can be found below. They are available also in the Camp Section 2014 PRECAMP VIDEOS - SET 2 .

Surprise for campers! One more instructor who will join us, but remotely – Jose Anibal Carrion

This year’s camp is going to be very interesting and as you can see on our webpage we will have a great group of instructors, which is going to be even bigger in a way, that we have one more instructor who will help during and after the camp – Jose Anibal Carrion!

Precamp Videos - Set 1

It's time to prepare for our camp. Four days of hard work is waiting for us. 

Therefore, in order for you to be ready for the camp, we decided to publish couple of series of videoclips for your assessment. We would like to ask you to comment on each of these clips.

Today we publish the first set. This series includes five clips that can be found below. They are available also in the Camp Section 2014 PRECAMP VIDEOS - SET 1 .


Jakub Zamojski

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