Officiating irritants by Tommy Nunez

Officiating Success: „Basketball Officiating is a game of irritations.” To be completely successful officials must remove all irritants from their officiating.

The FIBA Central Board approves historic rule changes

GENEVA (FIBA) – The FIBA Central Board, the highest executive body of the International Basketball Federation, met yesterday, Friday 25th April, and has continued its session today, Saturday 26th April, in Beijing, China. The meeting has been organized in cooperation with the Chinese Basketball Association.

Play Situations: Interpreting Contacts (part II)

From the beginning of an official’s career, it is constantly stated that when 10 players are moving at speed within the parameters of a basketball court, CONTACT IS INEVITABLE, but not all contact is illegal. Determining what is legal and illegal contact is part of the official’s development and knowledge building process. The ability to recognise and judge the consequences of contact further determines which officials will progress to higher levels.

Play Situations: Interpreting Contacts

All officials must be prepared to call the obvious and clear violations and illegal contacts. Officiating could be viewed as anticipating that something illegal is going to happen that will affect the play. There have been many training videos produced regularly to assist officials in fulfilling this responsibility.

Solving Conflicts by Carl Jungebrand

Basketball is a game played with both the heart and the mind and emotions flare up from time to time. In addition to making it an interesting game to watch, it can also elevate the emotional feelings of spectators and players alike.

Thoughts of Officiating - Alan Richardson

alan_1I have recently read a number of messages from referees, commissioners and coaches expressing concerns about the relationship between referees, coaches and players.

The importance of psychological strength in officiating - by Carl Jungebrand

young jungebrandWhen referees are asked to name the most valuable characteristics of a good official, they often compile a long list of different skills needed to successfully officiate a game. Having asked this same question at numerous officiating events, across a number of different sports, almost always 90% of the answers are the same.

Basketball Referee's Camp Bydgoszcz 2005 - I znowu sukces

Za nami już drugie w Polsce międzynarodowe szkolenie dla sędziów, którego pomysłodawcą i organizatorem jest Jakub Zamojski - jeden z najlepszych polskich arbitrów młodego pokolenia. I śmiało można stwierdzić, że jego osoba jest gwarantem powodzenia.


Consistency - The Coaches Catchphrase

In today’s modern game of basketball, the word that is heard before, during and after each game by participants, media and spectators is “CONSISTENCY”. We ask question: what does “CONSISTENCY” mean? Answer is very simple. Consistency is the correct interpretation of situations and the correct application of decisions in officiating.

Rule Changes in 2005

The FIBA Central Board at its meeting held on 18th -19th May 2005 in Nyon, Switzerland adopted the following amendments to the Official Basketball Rules:

Is officiating only about calling fouls and violations?

Is officiating only about calling fouls and violations?

Abstract from interview with Ronnie Nunn NBA

I found this interview with Ronnie Nunn, NBA Director of Officiating very interesting. Read it yourself.

Three is better than two

1. Better view. The 3rd official has a better view of the play from the weak side, enhancing the view of post play and screens.whistle

2. Better angles. Officials are in better position to see the play coming towards them. Calls are less apt to be ‘made on the run’ as they are with two officials.


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