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Last week in Bielsko-Biała took place 10th edition of international training for referees REFEREE.PL, that was organized together with basketball tournament „BB3 Cup”. There were 49 people participating in the camp from 14 countries. The event have got very good feedback and invited guests were happy. Many people already announced their presence on the next year edition.

As we all know events like this could not happen without the help of sponsors, to whom we would like from this place thank very much. They are the reason of the success of the camp.

Below there are presented profiles of the companies who were the sponsors of REFEREE.PL in 2013.

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Dear Friends,

I hope all of you managed to comeback home safe!

I am happy we could celebrate the 10th anniversary of the camp with you in Bielsko-Biala. This have been very long five days that passed very fast.  And for which I would like to thank you.

Your engagement was very much visible: during the lectures and also on the court. We have provided excellent set of instructors and games on the highest level that ever were for the camp. Lectures were very varied, touching different fields of officiating. There was a lot of diverse things that we did, as meeting referees with coaches, which was very educational and also the physical preparation meeting, that will help us keep a good shape and condition. 


CAMPER’S blogs

Not only referee.pl gives news from the camp.  We have just found out that our participants are writing a blog. So we would like to share it with all of you. Please find the information below.


CAMP DAY 5 – Setting goals for the future… and remember your dreams!

On the last day of the camp Sasa Pukl had the first lecture. He exchanged with us the experience of how it is to be a professional referee, when you build all your life around your officiating career. We spoke about dreams, goals, sacrifices. Sasa was telling funny stories from his referee’s life. We also could ask him every question we wanted. So the discussion was very relaxing. After 5 days of hard work this was good that participants could think about basketball from a different perspective and establish their goals for next seasons.

Last lecture of the 10th edition camp was video session by Johny and Peter, who showed us how to proceed with big conflict on the court from the administrative point of view and how to behave and stay calm. We were analyzing fight situation step by step and learning how to do it proper, so no violation is missed.


CAMP DAY 4 – Referees and coaches with the common approach

Saturday… after 3 long days of the camp the day before always brings you mixed feelings, you are happy you were here, a bit sad that the next day it is finishing, so you are trying your best, despite of the fact that you are tired, and you want to take with you as much as possible. And so did our referees today.

Also Saturday was very tight schedule, as there was ongoing 5 games in the morning session in 3 gyms, and 6 games in the afternoon in 3 gyms. Which 2 of the from the high level tournament with the top polish league teams involved.

From Sasa, who spoke about travelling, we could remind ourselves and categorize in mind the points of emphasis and criteria for the travel violation.


CAMP DAY 3 - Referees run the show, not make the show.

Friday, the middle day of the camp. Today we had 8 games in 3 different courts and 5 lectures plus feedback of the day. Lot of work for the referees, all day is organized the way to keep everybody busy most of the time. But also you can decide if you want to attend the lecture or not, because also sometimes when there is a lecture somebody has a game. There was not a single camper who decide that he is too tired for the lecture, which made very happy all the instructors, specially Costas who add extra topic on top o his primary lecture just because one participant have asked for it. 



Referee.pl Camp in studioANS's photos

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CAMP DAY 2 – When mechanics meets the criteria it is the success!

Today Romas has started the "good morning" lecture at 8.30. We have reviewed the list of things that we need to prepare for the game: scout your partners, remember that the primary field of judgment is the most important, support the newcomers and respect senior refs. The crew chief role is very important – he must set the tempo of the game, but for a pre-game conference all 3 referees shall be involved. Romas also showed us closer the difference and value of official and personal warning.  Second lecture Romas continued with the clips where we could see the lead/center/trial decisions and their areas of responsibility.

REFEREE.PL has just started!! - DAY 1

We waited all year for the next edition of REFEREE.PL and finally here we are in Bielsko-Biala and the camp has just started today with all the referees arriving before midday. We did the registration and distributed the equipment. Each camper got his/her individual number which will be used in doing nominations during next 5 days.


Welcome Letter

Dear Referees,

Ten years ago, when first people came to the camp that I managed to organize in Bydgoszcz, I never though it will become such a success and tradition to keep doing it every year. But thanks to people like you, people who want to learn new things and constantly improve their skills, it did.

This year we have 49 referees participating in the camp. That gives us in total 228 men and women that came to the clinic during these 10 years, some more than once. Officials came from many different European countries and also from other continents. We are happy, that this year you made a decision to prepare yourself to the coming season here with us! Specially for you we have invited an extraordinary team of instructors, whose regular job is to teach, supervise and instruct referees at the level of the best basketball leagues: Euroleague and FIBA. We will all work hard together during this five days to give you as much support as possible. From your side we want to see passion and engagement, because these are the factors that brought us all here, to Bielsko-Biała.

From my side, I would like to kindly welcome you to the 10th edition of REFEREE.pl camp which is for you. So I wish you take from it the most you can for yourselves, to learn a lot, to have great games, to make new friendships, and see you all at the court and lectures!



Jakub Zamojski and Referee.pl Team

Precamp Videos Set 4

Today we publish last part of Precamp Videos. This series includes five clips that can be found below. They are available also in the Section BIELSKO-BIAŁA 2013 / PRECAMP VIDEOS SET4. As last times, today we would like to ask you to comment on each of these clips.


LAHDO SHARRO for the first time at REFEREE.PL

Lahdo Sharro is a Swedish FIBA referee, one of the best in his country. Also from a year 2000 he is a Euroleague referee. Which all in total gives him almost 20 years on the court now and many important international matches officiated. Some of you may know Lahdo as an organizer of big referee clinic that is taking place every year in Sodertalje. Lahdo and Kuba are friends from many years already, they made a lot of games together and Kuba is also yearly an instructor at the Scania Cup.



Precamp Videos Set 3

Today we publish next part of Precamp Videos. This series includes five clips that can be found below. They are available also in the Section BIELSKO-BIAŁA 2013 / PRECAMP VIDEOS SET3. As last times, today we would like to ask you to comment on each of these clips.


International, young and successful - Piotr Pastusiak and Wojtek Liszka

For the 10th edition of the camp the instructors team is really impressive. If some of you did not follow our previous news let me remind you that this year in Bielsko Biala you will meet Costas, Romas, Sasa, Peter, Johnny, Kuba and not only.

We also invited two top Polish referees who are both international - Piotr Pastusiak and Wojtek Liszka.

They will join REFEREE.PL teaching staff and help you to develop your skills on and off the court. Piotr and Wojtek are active referees that can give practical advices in regard to your work as official. It is their first time as instructors on our camp, however Piotr is working for the Polish Basketball Federation and is responsible for the referees training and performance. Both are in FIBA Europe potential referees program and attended clinics on Gran Canaria.

Precamp Videos Set 2

Last Tuesday we started publish series of clips to your assessment. 

Today we publish the second part of them. This series includes five clips that can be found below. They are available also in the Section BIELSKO-BIAŁA 2013 / PRECAMP VIDEOS SET2. As last time, today we would like to ask you to comment on each of these clips.


Camp Schedule available

We have just published Schedule of our 2013 Referee's Camp.

Please take a look on it in section BIELSKO-BIAŁA/CAMP SCHEDULE.

Precamp Videos

It's time to prepare for our camp. Five days of hard work are waiting for us.

Therefore, in order to be better prepared to camp, we decided to publish four series of clips to your assessment. We would like to ask you to comment on each of these clips.

Today we publish the first of them. This series includes six clips that can be found below. They are available also in the Section BIELSKO-BIAŁA 2013 / PRECAMP VIDEOS SET1.


Here comes experience ! – Johnny Jacobs and Peter Strikwerda at REFEREE.PL

Johnny Jacobs is FIBA instructor from Belgium with over 15 years of experience as a referee in the top Belgian division and international. Johnny is very passionate about officiating and he is focused on practical knowledge of refereeing. Mr Jacobs is known for his “Axioma’s” in which he combines his job as Human Resources Manager and officiating. Johnny is helping many federations in their tutorial programs, besides Belgian one, he goes also to Ireland, Netherlands and Scotland.

Whereas for Johnny will be the first time at our camp, Peter was with us already three times before. So some campers know him and his famous lectures. Peter likes to put emphasis on teamwork, mental and physical preparation. Also does a lot of video analysis with referees after the games. From more than 20 years Peter Strikwerda is involved in officiating: as an instructor, developing new aspects of refereeing. Also he coordinates national development of referees coaching and tutorial in agreement with other federations of different sports.

Recently Peter was involved with the organization of the European Youth Olympic Festival 2013 as liaison for the referees and participated in the newly developed ‘Referee Coach’ education.

Three Man Mechanic

Dear Campers

We are very close to our camp. As usually we will officiate each game in 3 man mechanic.

Therefore every camper have to know this kind of mechanic in basic and we strongly recommand to meet with the Referees’ Manual - Three-Person Officiating. You can download it from our website.

To do so please visit "RULES & MECHS" section.

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One of the best Euroleague referees in Bielsko-Biała – Sasa Pukl

We would like to announce first active referee who will come to REFEREE.PL camp, so give a warm welcome to Sasa Pukl! Our Slovenian friend was already three times with our campers sharing hishuge experience from the European and world’s courts. This year again he is going to be in Poland.

Throughout the season Sasa officiated very important Euroleague matches and he will come to thecamp directly from the Euroleague Crew Chiefs Clinic in Istanbul, where together with Kuba Zamojski, they will prepare themselves for the coming Euroleague season.

Costas Rigas brings Euroleague’s knowledge to the camp!!!

For the sixth time we will receive a great support from the Director of Euroleague referees (since 2000), Costas Rigas. He was in Bydgoszcz, Włocławek, Inowrocław,  Kraków and Tallin to share his tremendous knowledge with officiating adepts. Costas is always very much engaged in training of referees in Europe. We are more than happy to met him again this year in Bielsko-Biała for the milestone anniversary of the camp. This year is very special for Costas as in June he was enshrined to FIBA Hall of Fame. So from this place we send our congratulations and we are proud to have you as an instructor at the REFEREE.PL camp. 

First instructor to be announced for the REFEREE.PL camp!

Not everybody remembers that Romas Brazauskas was in Poland in 2004 for the first camp that Kuba Zamojski organized in Bydgoszcz. So already 10 years ago, when he was still active referee on the court, our campers could use his extensive experience. During this years he came more twice to the camp, in 2008 and 2010, when he was finishing his career with FIBA and Euroleague in Turkey at the World Championship, more of our instructors were there with him; Costas Rigas, Carl Jungebrand, Sasha Pukl and Kuba Zamojski. After 2010 Romas started his new path as an full time instructor for the best European league. This year Romas is coming again to support referees from all over the world at the 10th edition of REFEREE.PL camp, which this year is back in Poland.

10th Edition of REFEREE.PL Camp 2013 - Invitation

Dear Friends, 

This is very special year for our REFEREE.PL camp. As we organize this camp since 2004, this year gonna be 10th edition! 

Like every year, (but specially this year) we will try to organize the best edition ever. We have some special ideas to put the camp on different level. 

As always we are in contact with the best instructors in the world to join us this year. Very good group of instructors makes the camp very interesting and useful, so for us this is top priority. We gonna present  instructors from FIBA, EUROLEAGUE and AMERICAS - soon on our website.

Also very important is to have right number and good level of games. This year (thanks to the organizers of the tournaments) we will have enough number of senior and some junior games. This will give us chance for hard work with group of referees. 

10th Edition of REFEREE.PL CAMPThis year edition of our Basketball Referee’s Camp we are going back to Poland.




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