Precamp Videos 2013 - Set 2

Set 2 Clip 2

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Michał Proc
#1 Michał Proc 2013-08-18 18:11
Legal play. Referee have to be concentrate a specialy at the start of the game
Paweł Berdyczko
#2 Paweł Berdyczko 2013-08-18 18:48
I agree with Michał. The Crew have to be concentrate from very begining of the game It's legal play. Jumper could take the ball and he was not at the front court. So there is no way to call back court violation.
Paulo Rocha Martins
#3 Paulo Rocha Martins 2013-08-18 20:57
Legal play, the red player grabs the ball after it touches the floor.
Tomasz Tybor
#4 Tomasz Tybor 2013-08-18 21:25
Legal play.
Ewa Matuszewska
#5 Ewa Matuszewska 2013-08-19 06:27
Legal play. Jumper grabs the ball after it touch the floor. Referees should be concentrate from the beginnging of the game.
Ranno Konks
#6 Ranno Konks 2013-08-19 07:45
It should be legal play, because the jumper grabs the ball after it touch the floor. Referees should be repeat the jump ball.
Pierre-Yves De Soete
#7 Pierre-Yves De Soete 2013-08-19 08:59
Legal play. the player touched the ball twice (legal) during jumpshot, ball touched the floor, and after this, he gains control of the ball.
Michel Patrick Glod
#8 Michel Patrick Glod 2013-08-19 09:03
Back-court violation called? Or did the referee decide violation by team red?
Rule: Neither jumper may catch the ball or tap it more than twice until it has touched one of the non-jumpers or the floor.
There has been no team control, neither more than 2 "touches" by any player, and after the ball touched the floor, there occured no violation.
For me referee's mistake due to lack of concentration, and we resume the game? It already started when the ball left the referee's hand to administer the jump-ball.We can restart the game, put the clock back to 10 minutes and assume a referee's mistake, to put neither team in disadvantage... .
Michał Pietrakiewicz
#9 Michał Pietrakiewicz 2013-08-19 09:50
Legal play. Red catch the ball after it touchs the court.
Sayaka Kai
#10 Sayaka Kai 2013-08-19 11:37
Legal play.
Anja Rubach
#11 Anja Rubach 2013-08-19 15:57
No player is tipping the ball two times before it hits the floor!
Bartosz Puzoń
#12 Bartosz Puzoń 2013-08-19 17:02
Legal play. it isn't violation.
Tomasz Szczurewski
#13 Tomasz Szczurewski 2013-08-19 17:12
Legal play, ball touched the court. We should be focus from the beginning.
Bartosz Koralewski
#14 Bartosz Koralewski 2013-08-19 21:26
legal play
Ievgenii Nagornyi
#15 Ievgenii Nagornyi 2013-08-19 21:28
legal play. The jumper touched the ball twice and then the ball touched the floor.
Tom Muller
#16 Tom Muller 2013-08-19 23:35
The red jumper is allowed to catch the ball after it has been tapped and touches the floor, so the referee's decision is wrong.
Referees have to know the rules...
Manuel Maia
#17 Manuel Maia 2013-08-20 22:49
The jumper from the red team is allowed to grad the Ball after it is touched by other player and number 9 touched the Ball, so the referee's decision is wrong. The jumper can grab the Ball.
Adam Wierzman
#18 Adam Wierzman 2013-08-21 08:16
My decision:
Legal play.
I can't recognize the violation.
Lorenzo Ferroni
#19 Lorenzo Ferroni 2013-08-21 12:18
No violation from the red jumper. He catches the ball after two touches and after the ball touches the court. If the referee call this violation from the red jumper, is not correct. No back court violation.
Jacek Dolski
#20 Jacek Dolski 2013-08-22 16:32
It's legal play. Player can grab the ball after she touches the floor.
Jakub Zamojski
#21 Jakub Zamojski 2013-08-23 20:44
This is also easy play - when you are ready! And also when you remember the rule! On the jump ball can happend alot - BE READY FOR ALL!
Tiberiu Lucaciu
#22 Tiberiu Lucaciu 2013-08-24 16:15
No call
Michał Gąsiński
#23 Michał Gąsiński 2013-08-24 19:02
It is legal play.
Rene Brandstoetter
#24 Rene Brandstoetter 2013-08-25 13:55
No call, twice tipping the ball is allowed, if the ball is on the floor the jumper can take the ball
Joe Jungels
#25 Joe Jungels 2013-08-26 11:47
This is legal. The tippers can tip the ball more often an when the ball touched the ground, every player can take it (also the tippers)
Jakub Pietrzak
#26 Jakub Pietrzak 2013-08-26 22:23
no call - legal play.:)


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