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Referee’s Camp 2012 - summary

It was five hard days work. Each day was full of lots of hints and tips on how to become better referee as well as how to be a better person. Lectures were a lot of experience about life and getting to know yourself. Great work in this area done Costas, Carl, Sassa and also Kuba, Aare and Peter.

The camp was also an opportunity to meet new, wonderful people from different part of world, not only Europe, but also Asia and Australia.

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Hope each of campers spend great time in Tallinn and took a lot of experience through this days.

Referee’s Camp 2012 - Day 5

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It was our last day of the camp. Peter STRIKWERDA gave us some tips how to work on our focus, how we schould build it. But "No problem man, it's liquid sun" sentence will remain in the memory as wonderful lesson of life by Carl JUNGEBRAND.

Referee’s Camp 2012 - Day 4

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The fourth day of our camp passed as day with great lecture by Carl JUNGEBRAND about mechanics - how it schould works. Next we had discusion and comparison about differences of FIBA and NBA rules . It was done by Costas RIGAS. The day ends with joint dinner and smal talk about "Referee Life" by Carl JUNGEBRAND.

Estonian media about Our Camp

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We had been visited by Eva Ligi, Estionian Media Reporter at the first day of the camp. Now You can read about us at Sport part of DELFI and also take a look at the gallery below article.



Referee’s Camp 2012 - Day 3

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On the third day we had wonderful lacture by Costas RIGAS about Game Managment and bulding "Our Brand". We had also feedback of previous games by our instructors to improve our skils. Hard day work ends with practices during the games and discussion about pre-camp videos.


Referee’s Camp 2012 - Day 2

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The second day started with "the formula of top level referee" by Sasa PUKL. After that we had a lacture by Costas RIGAS about Criteria and Points of Emphasis of the rules. Our hard day work ends with the games and talk about referees and comisioners life at the Olimpics Game at London this year.


Referee’s Camp 2012 Started

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Yesterday we've started our this year camp. For the begining we had a lecture about appropriate officiating of traveling by Kuba ZAMOJSKI and interesting interactive prelection about mental preparing of the referee and methods how to improve the skills by Peter STRIKWERDA.

We have also very interesting meeting with the new generation Estonian Coach Indrek VISNAPUU, who give us some new look on the relation between coach and referee.

At the end of the firs day we had a pleasure to have a lectures wich came from Costas RIGAS. He gave us informations how Euroleague works in case of referees and what they do to improve their officating.

Coach as an Instructor

This year we have special lectures on camp with Basketball Coach.

As our guest will be former Basketball Player and now Basketball Coach Indrek VISNAPUU (EST) - see more at instructor section

The lecture with our special guest is planed at the first day of the camp.

Instructors on Board

We are pleased to introduce our instructors at the camp this year.

Like last year, again we will have CARL JUNGEBRAND and SASA PUKL who officiated Olympic Games this year at London.

We are very happy and honored to have again after years COSTAS RIGAS at the camp, who was also at Olympic Games this year.

There will be also PETER STRIKWERDA and JAKUB ZAMOJSKI at the instructors bunch to help you to improve your referee skils.

For the first time joned us AARE HALLIKO.

We are also glad that we will once again host the meeting VALDU SUURKASK, who will be our special guest.

As one of the guest we will have also ATSO MATSALU,  former FIBA referee and now Fiba Commisioner.

You can find more about our instructor at Instructor's Section.

Camp Schedule

We are pleased to present the 2012 EMW Referee Camp Program.

To see full schedule please visit our section CAMP SCHEDULE

Organisational information

Dear Campers!

As we are closer to the camp, I would like to inform you about some details.

Arena details

The all tournaments games will be played at International University Audentes Sport Arena.

Please find the details at section EMW Camp 2012/Arena.

Hotel details

This year camp will take place in Tallinn. The campers will stay in Reval Park Hotel.

Please find the details at section EMW Camp 2012/Hotel.

Campers List 2012

Just right now we've published list of the Campers for Referee's Camp 2012. You can see it at the section Campers List 2012

There is a few free places, so feel free to aplicate to our camp.

Expect important information very soon!

EMW Camp 2012 Invitation

Dear Friends,

As every year, since 2004, we have tried to organize the best possible camp for basketball referees.

On the side of the very good group of instructors we always try to have as good games as possible to teach referees their job on the court.

This year, with 9th edition of our Basketball Referee’s Camp, we are going back to Estonia.

The Camp 2012 will take place in Tallinn, the capital of Estonia. We plan to start the camp on August 29th at 2:30p.m and finish on September 2nd at 6 p.m.

The exact time schedule is going to be confirmed later.



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