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He started as a basketball player with 1st Greek division club. Later he became a coach and a referee in the same time.

In 1974 Mr. Rigas decided to follow his referee career only.

1977 – Mr. Rigas became an International referee.

1992 – He finished his ref career at Barcelona Olympics.

2012– Olympic Game's Commisioner


Costas Rigas officiated big finals and he is very happy and proud to choose the refereeing road which is not easy but as he said: “You are dealing only with yourself. Not with the presidents of the clubs, not with players, fans, media could fire you as it happens with coach job.”

Among the 23 big finals officiated we have to mention the Los Angeles Olympic Games Men’s Final in 1984 and Barcelona Olympics Women’s Final in 1992.

He also officiated World Championships Final in 1996. European Championships Finals in 1985 and 1991. Club's Champions finals “Korac Cup” four times and Intercontinental Final, America's Final twice and the first McDonald final in Milwaukee and other Zones Championships Finals.

He decided to finish 2 years earlier than the limit says, becoming the first General Director of the Professional League in Greece while at the same time he was FIBA commissioner and National Instructor.

With the unanimous decision of the clubs Costas Rigas became Director of the Euroleague referees on 2000 when the new organization was established.


Born: 1964, Helsinki
Referee since 1978 (National)
National League 1984
FIBA licence 1986
more than 1200 international games (1986-)

Olympics 1988 (Seoul), 1996 (Atlanta), 2000 (Sydney) , 2008 (Beiging)*, 2012 (London)
World Championships for men 1990 (Agrentina), 1994 (Canada), 2006 (Japan)*, for women 2002 (China)

European Championship for Men 1989 (Yugoslavia)*, 1993 (Germany), 1995 (Greece), 1997 (Spain)*, 1999 (France), 2001 (Turkey)*

McDonalds Open 1989 (Rome), 1995* (London), 1999* (Milano)

Euroleague Final Four 1989 (Munich), 1990 (Zaragoza), 1995 (Zaragoza)*, 1997 (Rome)*, 1999 (Munich)*, 2000 (Thessaloniki), 2001 (Paris), 2005 (Moscow)*, 2006 (Prague)*, 2008 (Madrid)

* = Final

In 2007, Wloclawek and 2011, Tallinn as an instructor at Referee's Camp.


Sasa Pukl born 25.10,1970, referee since 1987

- Passed Fiba clinic in 1995 in Rogaska Slatina (Slovenia)
- 2 Final four Euroleague (2007 Athens and 2009 Berlin)
- Final four Women Euroleague 1999 Brno

- World Championship 2006 Japan and 2010 Turkey
- European Championship 2005 Serbia/Montenegro and 2007 Spain
- World Championship young men 2001 Japan, 2005 Argentina and 2009 New Zealand
- FIBA Americas 2011 Argentina
- Olympic Game's Referee 2012 London

In 2009 and 2011 instructor at our camp.


Referee since 1979, refereed national divisions since 1990.

National referee educator on rules knowledge, mechanics, and mental aspects of officiating. Referee tutor for Western Region. Chairman Referee Committee Western Region since 2001.

Federation qualified educator for coach education. Assistant-coach/trainer The Netherlands national team U18 Men 2007/2008.

Manager Masterplan Officiating and project ‘Sportsmanship & Respect’ for The Netherlands Basketball Federation. Co-developer national qualification structure sport officials at The Netherlands Olympic Committee.

Master Sports Marketing and Communication, teacher Sportmarketing.

In 2011 instructor at our camp.


Born. 25.09.1974
National referee since 1992
FIBA referee since 1999
EUROLEAGUE referee 2011
Eurobasket Women 2009 and 2011
Estonian referees coordinator (as well responsible for education): 2007 - ...


Referee since 1989.
International referee since 1999.
From 2000 in Euroleague.
Refereeing EUROLEAGUE and EURO CUP games.

2003 - European Championship in Greece
2007 - World Championship U20 in Moscow
2008 – Euroleague Final Four in Berlin
2009 - World Championship U19 in New Zealand
2009 – European Championship in Poland
2010 – World Championship in Turkey
2012 – World Championship U17 Man in Lithuania

Kuba attended many camps and summer league in USA.
Since 2004, every year Kuba works as an instructor at EWM Camp. He was also twice invited to Japan as a lecturer.



Player: 1957 Estonian youth selection, bronze medal in Soviet Union (SU) Youth Games

1958-1968 player of Estonian National Team

Silver medal in SU Games (Spartakiada) - 1967

Referee: 1970 - 1990 Referee at SU Championship games, 1976-1989 in top ten of SU referees

1975 - FIBA referee, 1980 PreOlympic Tournament for men in Switzerland.

1980 Olympic Games in Moscow - referee

1976-1991 European Championships, European CUP games - referee

Commissioner: 1991 FIBA Commissioner

1991-2009 Commissioner at three Olympic Games, World Championships, European Championships, European Cup games, Baltic League

Professional: 1977-2005 President of Estonian Basketball Referees, member of Board of Estonian Basketball Association

200-2010 President of FIBA Technical Commission, member of Board at FIBA Europe


born: 04-05-1976, Tartu
Former player in Estonian mens championship 1993-2003
Former coach of Tartu Rock


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