"You need to do something every day to improve your officiating" - Steve Seibel

I would like to present to you short talk that I had with Steve after our two sessions of the camp in Antalya, that had place in Turkey this year 12-21 June this year. Steve is now back to Canada working, but he is sharing some plans of his in between his other thought.

Head of Referees from Qatar at the REFEREE.PL in Antalya

During the first session of the camp in Antalya we had special guest with us, who was Mr Mohammed Ali Rashid Al-Subaye. He came to Turkey together with 2 referees from Qatar, who were attending classes and were officiating games. Now since this is the first time we have Qatari referees for the camp we have asked Mr Mohammed to share with us some words about his country and refereeing.

Small Talk with Tommy Nuñez

Tommy Nuñez likes to tell audiences of poor and troubled young people that he was once just like them: a tough street kid raised in the projects, the product of a broken home, a hell-raising boy kicked out of high school, a guy just a half step away from prison. Then he says he’s a referee – now retired after 30 years – with the National Basketball Association. This is when he calls attention to the fact that he is the first and only Hispanic official in any major league sport in the United States.


Ronnie Nunn - The Men of NBA

I would like to present an interview with a great person, the men of basketball, true referee soul, guy that came to the camp and got so much engaged that in 2 days he remembered names of 30 people from different countries involved in the camp. He made us work, think and laugh. He has a gift of creating unbelievable stories… :) Ronnie you should write a book!


Sasa Pukl - If you can think about one or two things that you improve it is one step forward

As an instructor here I feel very good. Those last passed days have given for sure lot of experience for the camp but also for me. Like Ronnie repeated few times during the camp: “Everybody is learning, life is process of learning”. Although you come here as an instructor or teacher you also learn something, so it was very attractive camp.

In referee's world the personality is important - Darek Lenczowski

Dariusz Lenczowski, one of the top polish referees was present as an instructor in 2009 at the referee's camp in Katowice.

How to prepare referees to the highest level of officiating - presented by Paulina Sobieszuk, female official from Germany

Can you introduce yourself a little to our readers, please.

I am 25 years old, was born in Poland but have been living in Germany since I was 5. I work in a gym as a sales person for sports and fitness. My biggest hobby is Basketball but I also enjoy workout, spinning, music and movies.
Basketball has been a part of my life as long as I can think since I grew up within its surroundings through my dad who has been a player, referee and coach. He passed on his love for it to me and he is still my biggest role model today.

We are listening to the basketball people

We strongly encourage to read this interesting dialogue beetwen representants of the biggest two basketball bodies FIBA and Euroleague - Lubo Kotleba and Costas Rigas.


We put priority to our young officials – Mr. Nobuo Hashimoto

Marta Seweryn: What would you say about yourself in a few sentences? Make a little introduction to our readers, please.

My name is Nobuo HASHIMOTO. I am a director & chairman of Referees Committee of “Japan Basketball Association,” and FIBA Commissioner since 2005. My motto is “Do my best and be fair on the court.”

I have had the best what referee can reach

Romas Brazauskas is surely one of the greatest active officials at the present time. See here some wise words of the men from the top who is always eager to share his knowledge and experience.


To be as good referee as possible

Time is passing by, basketball in Europe and also in Poland is developing year by year, the same with level of refereeing. How is it now? We asked about it one of the most experienced referees in our country, man who officiates European leagues and also overseas competitions, and who organizes annual International Referees Camp in Poland – Jakub Zamojski.

I am always very realistic, I show real examples

Marta Seweryn: You are for the second time at the camp in Poland, do you see any development from the last year?

Costas Rigas: Every time there is a progress, and I found that in this year camp is getting better with the conditions we found, in the accommodation, in the gym, the level of basketball, and finally the level of participants. And this was a big progress to me, comparing with some other camps, official international camp, organize by high level organizations, but I found this camp was in very high level.

Carl Jungebrand - It is not about sacrifices, it is about choices!

Marta Seweryn: You are asking everybody about their dreams...You are very experienced referee, officiating all possible finals, championships. So, what is your dream?

Carl Jungebrand: I would say, as a referee, I don’t have any dream, I just have targets. And now my target is to stay with this speed of the improvement in calling basketball and this is the big challenge, because somebody can think I am staying in the same place but it is not true because the environment is always improving, so I need to improve and at the same time I see a lot good, young referees, and they are really good and I have learned from them many things, so this is like improving myself in their style. This is now the major part of basketball - the new referees, so this is the challenge. Actually I don’t have any dreams.

Camps are the proper type of work with referees – Lubo Kotleba

FIBA Sport Director – Lubomir Kotleba - was one of the instructors at the basketball referee’s camp, which took place 20-24.06.2006 in Poland (Bydgoszcz).

Look to the eyes of campers - Efim Resser

See the story of Effim Resser, who was an instructor at EMW Camp in 2007.


Lahdo Sharro - SCANIA CUP

This year's edition of Scania Cup is coming soon. We asked couple of questions to referee, who is there from very beginning and is organizing 3-men mechanic camp for referees and this year for the second time girls camp. Everybody knows him because of his incredible sense of humour - Lahdo Sharro.

Sonia Teixeira from Portugal about Referee's Camp in Poland

Sonia Teixeira is a basketball referee from Portugal. She was the only women who attend the Referee’s Camp in Poland in 2006.

You need to be ready to invest a lot to get something in return - Carl Jungebrand

We are introducing to all readers very interesting dialogue with Carl Jungebrand - top Euroleague referee from Finland.

Mr. Jungebrand officiated in his career more than 950 international games, Olympics and European and World Championships (last one was in Japan this year).

There is always room to improve in refereeing - Costas Rigas

This is an interview made in May 2006, right after Final Four in Prague with the Director of Referees in Euroleague - Costas Rigas.

Refereeing breaks down barriers of different cultures – Tommy Nunez

Supervisor of NBA referees and Ronnie Nunn’s assistant – Tommy Nunez – was helping campers improve their referee skills at the clinic in Poland. (20-24.06 in Bydgoszcz)

The top Euroleague referees are the best in the world - Alan Richardson

We met Alan Richardson - ULEB/Euroleague Technical Adviser and Clinic Director at referee's camp in Poland. He was an instructor during this clinic - Bydgoszcz 2006.


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