Our Team

Ronnie Nunn

NBA’s Director of Officials
Veteran of 23 NBA seasons. During his officiating career, Nunn worked 1,134 regular-season, 73 playoff and four NBA Finals games, as well as the 1996 NBA All-Star Game.

Tommy Nunez

Officiated over 2,000 regular NBA season and 75 play-off games in his career. Now Supervisor of Referee's for the NBA - Ronnie Nunn's (Director of Officials) assistant.

Lubomir Kotleba

Mr. Kotleba`s basketball career was the following:
1960 - 1968 - a player
1968 - 1970 - a coach
1970 - 1975 - a team manager
1963 - 1975 – a referee on national level,
1975 - 1989 - an international referee (FIBA)

Costas Rigas

Costas Rigas started as a basketball player with 1st Greek division club. Later he became a coach and a referee in the same time.
In 1974 Mr. Rigas decided to follow his referee career only.
1977 – Mr. Rigas became an International referee.
1992 – He finished his ref career at Barcelona Olympics.

Romas Brazauskas

Referee since 1973
International referee since 1987
4 Olympic Games ('92 Barcelona; Atlanta '96 Women's Final USA - BRA with W.Zych; 2000 Sydney incl. Men's Final USA-France, Beijing '08 Men's Final USA - ESP)
1998, 2002, 2006, 2010 - World Championships;
1995, 1997, 1999, 2001, 2009 Men's Final ESP - SRB - European Championships for Men

Carl Jungebrand

Born: 1964, Helsinki
Referee since 1978 (National)
National League 1984
FIBA licence 1986

Sassa Pukl

Born 25.10.1970
- Referee since 1987
- Passed Fiba clinic in 1995 in Rogaska Slatina (Slovenia)
- 2 Final four Euroleague (2007 Athens and 2009 Berlin)
- Final four Women Euroleague 1999 Brno

Wiesław Zych

ULEB and FIBA commissioner. Former referee, now President of Polish Women League.
As a commissioner and observer work last 3 Final Fours in Euroleague: 2005 Moscow, 2004 Tel Aviv, 2003 Barcelona
Referee since 1965

Jakub Zamojski

Referee since 1989.
International referee since 1999.
From 2000 in Euroleague. Refereeing EUROLEAGUE and EURO CUP games.

Dariusz Lenczowski

Former basket ball player, youth and juniors until age 20; At age 17 made first steps in refereeing. In 1998 approved for officiating top division in polish league. June 2003 received FIBA license.

Efim Resser

Efim Resser was born on February 27, 1952 in USSR; He is a citizen of Germany; Height 179 cm, weight - 81 kg; Graduate of the University, profession - insurance broker; Languages spoken: English, German, Russian; Married, has two children.

Nobuo Hashimoto

Nobuo Hashimoto is the Japan Basketball Association Director and Chairman of Referees and Rule Committee.

Peter Strikwerda

Referee since 1979, refereed national divisions since 1990. National referee educator on rules knowledge, mechanics, and mental aspects of officiating.

Petri Mantyla

Started 1987 (while still playing),
FIBA Referee 1999,
Euroleague staff 2001

Alan Richardson

National Referee since 1974 up to 1998
FIBA Referee since 1978
22 FIBA Cup Finals and World/European Championships Finals

Aare Halliko

National referee since 1992
FIBA referee since 1999
EUROLEAGUE referee 2011

Robert Vyclicky

Referee since 1994.
International referee since 2003.
From 2003 in ULEB.
Refereeing EUROLEAGUE and ULEB CUP games.
Heading for World Championship in Czech Republic 2010
Eurocup Final Eight in 2009 in Torino. U19 World Championship in Bratislava in 2007, U19 World Championship in Bangkok in 2009 Attend several camps in Europe.

Stelios Koukouleikidis

Greek National league A1 referee from 1990 to 2009
FIBA referee from 1992 to 2011
Euroleague referee 2000-2009
Major tournaments: Olympic Games 1996 Atlanta
Europe U18 men (1994, 1997, 2006)
World U18 Men (1995, 1999)
Final 4 women 1994 Poznan

Werner Blanke

ULEB commissioner
Former player, coach and referee, now Mr Blane is a commissioner.
He started to officiate when he was 36 year old. His career before was as a women team coach in German first league. He officiated till the age of 50 and then became a commissioner.
Died in 2016


Johnny Jacobs

FIBA instructor from Belgium
15 years of experience as a referee
in the top Belgian division
and international

Piotr Pastusiak

Referee since 1994
Top polish league 2004
FIBA referee 2010
Final 8 Euroleague Women, Jekaterynburg 2013
Eurobasket Women France 2013
2013 referee in ULEB

Wojciech Liszka

Referee since 1996
Top polish league 2009
FIBA and VTB referee 2012
Participated in many international camps and clinics including eight REFEREE.PL camps!

Lahdo Sharro

Swedish league since 1995
FIBA since 1997
Euroleague 2000-2002 and from 2007
Nebl F4 1999
Final Korac cup 2005
Final four FIBA Euro Cup 2005
Eurobasket Women 2003 and 2007

Buluc Yalçın

Born 1971,Istanbul
played basketball

1991 became a referee
referee National League

2000 commissioner in ULEB
2007, 2011, 2012
Final Four commissioner

World Cup Women

Daniel Hierrezuelo

1990 started to officiate
1995 first game in ACB league
2000 became an international referee
2005 became Euroleague referee

George Toliver

1985-2000 FIBA
1993 Officiated the last NBA All Star Legend’s Game
1994 World Championships Toronto, CA Bronze Medal Game & NBA Japan Opening Games
1995 European Championships Athens Greece Gold Medal Game

Dariusz Zapolski

Referee since 1995
Top Polish league since 2004
FIBA referee 2012
Participated in 4 REFEREE.PL camps.

Konrad Tomczyk

Referee since 1967
National League 1972 -1997
FIBA referee 1982 – 1997
Former national referees educator on rules knowledge

Jose Anibal Carrion

2003 U19 FIBA World Championship, Greece
2005 U21 FIBA World Championship, Argentina
2006, 2010 FIBA World Championship: Japan and Turkey
2004, 2008, 2012 OLYMPICS: Athens, Beijing, and London

Peter Sudek

- born on 17.01.1960
- became a referee in 1978
- first division ref in Czechoslovakia 1985
- FIBA licence in 1990

Stephen Seibel

From Canada
- FIBA Referee
- NCAA Division II
- NBA Summer League
- FIBA U19 World Championships Men
- FIBA Americas Leagu
- FIBA Americas Championships
- FIBA World Championships Men
- Olympic Games
- FIBA World Cup Men

Peter Papp

Was born on March 23, 1980, became referee in 1998, and started to officiate in domestic top league in 2001. In 2006, he became an international referee. Peter stopped officiating in 2009 and came back in 2012. A year after he had launched Referee Mindset webpage.

Ersan Kartal

Born 05.11.1979
Referee since 1996
Turkish Basketball League Referee since 2003
Passed FIBA Clinic in 2005 in Antalya
Euroleague Referee since 2012

Ridvan Ekmekci

Was born in Istanbul, he earned bachelor degree on Physical Education and Sport Teacher, Master and PhD on Sport Management. He was a basketball player till 1994 then he became basketball referee in 1994.


Jakub Zamojski

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Marta Seweryn

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Pawel Berdyczko

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